How long do long-term disability benefits last?

By Matt Lalande in Long-Term Disability on May 20, 2018

How long do long-term disability benefits last?

How long do long-term disability benefits last?

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9 Quick Points

  1. Normally after an event or illness, such as a motorcycle accident, car accident, the onset of depression, the onset of an eating disorder or a psychiatric problem such as schizophrenia – you would apply for short-term disability if available to your through your group benefits at work, or through a disability plan that you purchased privately through your insurance broker.
  2. Most disability policies have a short waiting period – or an “elimination period” of about 10 days or so more before you can apply for short-term disability.
  3. Short-term disability is meant to compensate you a series of short term absences from work. He received his normally based on a percentage of your pre-disability weekly gross earnings – i.e. 60% of your salary.
  4. Short-term disability benefits are payable if you suffer a “total disability” that prevents you from only doing the duties of  your own job that you do every day.
  5. You are normally eligible to receive short-term disability benefits for a maximum period of time, which is normally 15 weeks (which coincides with the sickness benefits), 17 or 26 weeks. After your short-term disability benefits run out, you would then apply for long term disability benefits.
  6. Most LTD policies have an elimination periods, or waiting periods, which is a waiting time between the onset of your disability and your being able to apply for long term disability benefits. The waiting period on your policy will normally be the same length as your short-term disability benefits, but it could be anywhere from 30-60-90-120 days. The most common waiting period is 90 days.
  7. Your monthly LTD income would also be based, usually, on a percentage of your income at the time you first became disabled. The amount may be reduced by  income that you receive from other sources.
  8. If you suffer a serious illness or disability which renders you totally disabled from ANY OCCUPATION for which you are reasonably trained and have experience in, most policies provide that your long-term disability benefits can last up to age 65, or retirement age.
  9. You normally have certain obligations under your long-term disability policy, unless you suffer from an irreversible condition such as a spinal cord injury, schizophrenia or other permanent serious ailments. While you are receiving long-term disability benefits, your insurance company will normally expect you to:
    1. Apply for CPP Disability (Canadian Pension Plan Disability) benefits in order to offset your long-term disability payment;
    2. If you are medically able, that you attend medical treatment that is reasonable;
    3. That you remain under the care of a medical doctor and provide regular updates from your doctor that supports your injuries or illness and;
    4. May expect you, to the extent that you are medically able and is reasonable, participate in the a rehabilitation plan or return to work plan.

It is important that you ask your benefits administrator at work for a copy or your long-term disability policy or employee booklet, which will provide all of the information that you require if you have been sick or hurt and you need to apply for long-term disability benefits.

Have you been denied long-term disability?

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