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Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers: Helping Victims is ALL we do.

Personal Injury Accidents Ruin Lives.

Our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers know and understand that serious accident injuries can leave a devastating impact on the lives of those involved and their loved ones. The physical and emotional trauma resulting from such catastrophic events can lead to long-term, irreversible consequences, including paralysis, cognitive impairment, and chronic pain. Moreover, these injuries often necessitate extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation, and ongoing care, leading to substantial financial burdens for families. As individuals struggle to adapt to their new realities, the far-reaching effects of a severe car accident can permeate every aspect of their lives, leaving them grappling with feelings of loss, fear, and uncertainty for the future. This is something our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers see over and over again, day in and day out.

Helping Personal Injury Victims is ALL we do.

No matter if you or a loved are involved a Car Accident, Bicycle Accident, Motorcycle Accident, you are a Pedestrian hit by a car, or you are involved in a Trucking Accident, you are probably looking for the best personal injury lawyer in Hamilton. Matt Lalande has recovered tens of millions for accident victims in Hamilton and surrounding areas since 2003. Our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers  have a proven history of success in accident cases, which is often demonstrated by substantial verdicts and settlements in cases similar to yours.  Matt Lalande is a well known trial lawyer who has the experience, knowledge, and skills that are necessary to ensure your rights remain protected after an accident, and throughout the entire personal injury claims process. Call us today for your FREE CONSULTATION today at 905-333-8888 or send us a confidential email through out website.

Free Personal Injury Consultations – Always

With our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers, our consultations are always free. You never have to pay to speak to us. We are happy to provide you with the best advice you need for your particular situation. Get informed today. Call us today for your FREE CONSULTATION today at 905-333-8888 or send us a confidential email through out website.

Top Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers

Since 2003, Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyer Matt has tirelessly advocated for the rights of victims who have suffered due to others’ negligence. With a track record of securing over $20 Million in  settlements and jury awards, Matt Lalande knows and understands how effectively present his clients’ cases. Matt excels in complex litigation involving wrongful death, denied long-term disabilitycar accidents, motorcycle accidentsbicycle accident and pedestrian accident cases. Matt’s extensive legal knowledge, strategic negotiation skills, and unwavering commitment to justice have earned him recognition among his peers and gratitude from the countless clients whose lives he has positively impacted in Hamilton and across Southern Ontario. 

The Fee is Free – You only Pay if we Win.

Our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers believe everyone in Ontario should have equal access to justice. We work on a contingency basis, meaning that you only pay fees if we recover money for you. If we don’t recover money – you don’t pay a thing.  our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers understand that your family’s future and ability to recover financially depends on having the right lawyer in your corner, which is why we work tirelessly to ensure your best interests are at heart and that you’re treated with the compassion and respect you deserve, not as “just another case.”  

Personal Injury Lawyers in Hamilton

Unlike many other firms that advertise in Hamilton, our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers are local and welcome our clients to visit and meet to discuss their case anytime they wish, in person, with their lawyer. Hiring a local  Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyer offers unparalleled insight into the specific legal landscape and community dynamics, ensuring a more targeted and effective representation. Their familiarity with local judges, opposing counsel, and court procedures can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving a favorable outcome in your case.

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    Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers since 2003.

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    Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers since 2003.

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    If you’ve been denied long-term disability, we can help.

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    Representing personal injury accident victims since 2003.

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Millions Recovered for Personal Injury Victims

Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers is a proven and experienced Hamilton personal injury law firm who have been representing personal injury victims in the Hamilton and all over Ontario since 2003 – and have been consistently vote as one of the best personal injury lawyers in Hamilton. Our law firm have recovered millions for Hamilton victims have been seriously hurt in motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, car accidents and other similar accidents recover the compensation they deserve in order to help protect both their financial future and long-term needs.

Meet in Person or Virtually

Live outside of Hamilton?  Our firm employs state-of-the-art technology and are able to represent clients not only in Hamilton, or Ontario, but all over Canada. We often conduct client meetings via Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Facetime. We have no problem conducting our cases remotely and have been doing so for several years. Our internal file structures are also completely accessible by our clients – saving stay up-to-date on the progress of your own case, anytime you wish. Our Personal Injury Lawyers represent clients throughout Ontario, from Niagara to Sudbury.

Real Personal Injury Trial Lawyers

You only have one chance to recover the compensation you deserve. Matt Lalande is a Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyer who has been serving Hamilton and Surrounding Area since 2003.  At Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers, our experienced accident lawyers have helped hundreds of clients get back on their feet after suffering a serious injury, and we are dedicated to protecting your legal rights and showing you the compassion and individualized care you deserve throughout your case. Matt Lalande has conducted numerous jury and bench trials – and prepared each and every case as if it were heading to Court. Call us today for your FREE CONSULTATION today at 905-333-8888 or send us a confidential email through out website.

One-on-One Client Attention

Our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers practice personal injury law that is one-on-one with clients. We are not a big firm that passes a client from lawyer to lawyer that you do not know. We practice personal injury law in the traditional sense – meaning that once you work with Matt Lalande and his team – you will only work with Matt Lalande and his team. Matt will always be your lawyer. You will never be passed on to another lawyer or paralegal you don’t know. You will always be welcome to call, visit or video conference with Matt and any member of his team that you work with.


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Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyer Matt Lalande has brought hundreds of cases to completion over his career and recovered millions of dollars in compensation and denied benefits. Disclaimer: Any case result information provided on any portion of this website should not be understood as a promise of any particular result in a future case.

  • $750,000


  • $1.3M


  • $980,000


  • $850,000

    Motorcycle Accident


What our Clients Have to Say

    I call Matt my knight in shining armour. After I was struck by a car while cycling and permanently crippled, he fielded all communications with my especially difficult and downright nasty insurance adjuster. Every step of my care was a battle and I did not have the strength to fight alone.

    Kar Crow

    I call Matt my knight in shining armour. After I was struck by a car while cycling and permanently crippled, he fielded all communications with my especially difficult and downright nasty insurance adjuster. Every step of my care was a battle and I did not have the strength to fight alone.

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Matt Lalande


Personal Injury Lawyer Matt Lalande has been invited to write and speak for nearly 70 different publications and organizations since 2003 on issues of trial, disability, personal injury, employment & wrongful death issues. He has devoted his entire professional life since 2003 to helping injured victims receive the compensation they deserve.  Matt is also a co-author on “Disability Law in Canada” the only legal textbook written for lawyers and judges about long-term disability law in Canada.

Matt not only believes in strong advocacy for his clients, but also in passing on his knowledge and experience to the next generation of lawyers in the community and province. He has spoken numerous times for the Hamilton Law Association and the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, as well as for many medical doctor organizations around Ontario.



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Among the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Hamilton

Why choose our Hamilton Personal Injury Law Firm?

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    We are Local

    Unlike other our-of-town firms who pretend to be in Hamilton, we are here and have been here since 2003.

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    Real Trial Lawyers

    Matt Lalande has tried numerous jury and bench trials since 2003.  We will put your case to any Judge or Jury in the Province.

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    Free Consultations

    With our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers, you never pay consultation fees upfront, ever. Talking to us is Free.

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    With our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers, you don’t pay us unless we win.


Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers: Some of our Practice Areas

When an accident happens, you might wonder which firm is the right one for you. Seek help from a Hamilton personal injury lawyer who has experience handling your type of case. Our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers take on tough cases for clients with serious injuries. Below are some accidents and injuries that play a role in our caseload:

Car Accidents

Our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers have extensive experience with representing car accident injury victims. Anyone who drives in the Hamilton and the surrounding Golden Horseshoe area knows the risks of accidents. Drivers are in a hurry, get distracted, or might even be behind the wheel after having too much to drink. In any situation, car accidents happen every day in the city, and people suffer life-changing injuries and losses as a result.

In a recent year, nearly 51,000 people reported injuries from car accidents throughout Ontario. These crashes can happen in the heart of the city or in quieter neighborhoods, and they happen at any time of day or night. Whenever you are on the road, a crash might occur, and you could find yourself needing medical and legal help—especially if the accident forced you to temporarily or permanently lose income from your job.

Negligence can come in many forms, including:

Accidents often happen due to other drivers, but companies can also be responsible. Our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers can examine what happened and advise you who should be liable for your losses.

We assist with the insurance process following a car crash while you focus on your physical recovery.

Some results we achieved for our car accident clients include:

  • $2,000,000 for a young amputee victim
  • $1,320,000 for a man with a spinal cord injury from an impaired driver
  • $980,000 for a woman with a severe brain injury from a head-on collision
  • $2,000,000 for a woman with a traumatic briand injury
  • $1.1M for a spinal cord injury victim
  • 1,3000,000 for a middle age medical professional injured as a pedestrian.
  • $710,000 for an amputee victim

While these are not guarantees of future case results, they demonstrate how hard Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyer Matt Lalande works for his clients following crashes and injuries.

Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucks are necessary for the economy in Hamilton and throughout Ontario, as they deliver goods to our stores, homes, construction sites, and more. However, driving alongside these large vehicles can be frightening and, sometimes, dangerous. Most commercial drivers abide by the law and safely operate their trucks. However, when a truck driver makes a mistake or a poor judgment call, they can cause devastating injuries to others on the road.

About 15,000 crashes involved large trucks in Ontario in a recent year, resulting in about 2,300 injuries. Trucks involved include tractors and semi-trailers, straight trucks and trailers, tanker trucks, flatbed trucks, and more. Many of these crashes resulted from improper driving on the part of the truck driver, though other causes might include defective trucks, dangerous roads, or third-party drivers who were careless.

Even though commercial drivers need to earn special driver’s licences, they can still make mistakes like any other driver, though the effects of their mistakes might be greater. Truck accidents can have catastrophic effects, often because the size and weight of a commercial vehicle dwarfs a regular passenger vehicle.

Our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers take on tough truck accident cases and represents clients with severe injuries from these traumatic crashes. Contact our office to learn how our Hamilton injury lawyers might help you.

Motorcycle Accidents

Our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers have extensive experience with representing motorcycle accident victims. Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating and an all-around enjoyable way to travel throughout Hamilton and Ontario. No one knows this better than injury lawyer Matt Lalande, who is a motorcyclist and dirt bike rider. Matt understands the draw of riding, and he also understands the risks of injury involved.

While some motorcyclists might crash for unavoidable reasons, many accidents happen because others act negligently or carelessly.Some common causes of motorcycle crashes include:

  • Other drivers hitting motorcyclists
  • Motorcycles that are defective or malfunction
  • Dangerous road conditions in the Hamilton area

Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyer Matt Lalande proudly stands up for the rights of motorcyclists who suffered injuries through no fault of their own.We have helped many people in this situation, including obtaining:

  • $960,000 for an injured motorcyclist
  • $850,000 for a man injured in a motorcycle crash
  • $710,000 for a young man who suffered serious motorcycle accident related injuries

Each case is different, as motorcyclists sustain unique injuries and losses. Our Hamilton personal injury lawyers evaluate the value of each claim according to the specific circumstances, and then we fight for maximum compensation from insurance companies for our motorcyclist clients.

While Matt Lalande and our legal team hope everyone enjoys their motorcycles without incident, when a serious accident does happen, our Hamilton injury lawyers are ready to help and protect your rights.

Pedestrians Accidents

If you or your loved one, or your child has been hit by a car – Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers understand that you might not know where to turn or what to do.

Pedestrians are everywhere you look throughout Hamilton, and many people walking do not realize just how at risk they are. Whenever you are walking near traffic, a driver might strike you and cause you serious injuries in a pedestrian accident.

Because pedestrians have no protection from vehicles, restraints, or even safety helmets, they are susceptible to highly serious injuries in accidents. Tragically, pedestrian fatalities made up the highest percentage of traffic-related deaths in Ontario in a recent year. The number of pedestrian injuries and fatalities is steadily increasing over the past decade, and the reality is that a pedestrian accident can happen to you or someone you love.

Pedestrians often suffer multiple traumatic injuries in a single incident, as they might get hurt by the initial impact of the vehicle, as well as from hitting the pavement or even getting tossed over the car. This can lead to overwhelming losses from medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Some case results we have from pedestrian cases include:

  • $955,000 for a man who suffered multiple injuries due to a distracted driver
  • $766,000 for a young woman hit while crossing an intersection
  • $700,000 for a woman run over by a truck driver
  • $700,000 for a woman hit by a van in Oakville
  • $1.130,000 for a middle age medical professional injured as a pedestrian

These cases show how hard we work to obtain the compensation that each pedestrian accident victim deserves. We can assess your rights in your specific situation if you reach out to our Hamilton injury lawyers today.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers have extensive experience with representing brain injury injury victims.If you hit your head or suffer a sharp jolt of your head in an accident, it can result in damage to your delicate brain tissue. Doctors diagnose this as a traumatic brain injury, and the treatment for this type of injury varies depending on the location and severity of your brain damage.

Some brain injury victims need a few days or weeks of rest and make a full recovery. On the other hand, some victims undergo a lengthy course of treatment and still suffer various impairments for the rest of their lives. In either situation, brain injury victims deserve to recover financially for their losses from the party that caused their injury.

The losses in a brain injury case can vary widely and might include:

  • Medical treatment, including emergency care, possible brain surgery, rehabilitative care, psychological treatment, and more
  • Lost income if the injury’s effects kept you from working for a long time or prevent you from ever returning to work
  • Pain and suffering from the complicated nature of this injury and the limitations on your life

Brain injuries can result in cognitive, physical, and behavioral impairments, and many victims struggle to get back to life as usual – if they ever can. While monetary compensation cannot take away your injury, it can help provide support and justice for what you’ve gone through. Our Hamilton personal injury lawyers seek compensation for brain injury victims regularly, so please contact us today to learn more.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers have extensive experience with representing spinal cord injury victims. Another catastrophic injury that commonly results from accidents is a spinal cord injury. Trauma to the back can cause damage to your spinal cord, which can disrupt the messages that your brain sends through the spinal cord to various parts of your body. Incomplete spinal injuries might cause temporary paralysis and other problems, and victims might need extensive hospitalization and treatment to make a recovery. Victims of complete spinal injuries experience permanent paralysis of their bodies below where the injury occurred.

Paralysis is devastating for anyone, and it requires the use of a wheelchair and other assistive devices. People with higher spinal cord injuries might need respiratory assistance, as well. These severe injuries can halt your life as you knew it, requiring you to adjust everything from your employment to your family life at home.

Many spinal cord injury victims need home health assistance and cannot return to their jobs. The lifetime costs of spinal injuries—including ongoing medical care and lost earnings—can easily reach millions of dollars. If you or a loved one suffered this type of catastrophic injury, you need to know your legal rights.

Obtaining compensation from an insurance company can help ensure you will have the assistance you need into the future, as well as help your family make up for financial losses. Our accident and injury lawyers are ready to help you fight for the compensation you deserve for a spinal injury.

Wrongful Death

While some accident victims suffer life-changing injuries, others are even more unfortunate. Many car crashes and other accidents in Ontario result in fatalities, and families in the Hamilton area receive phone calls that their loved ones did not survive an incident.  The unexpected loss of a close family member can leave you with financial and emotional losses that are difficult to comprehend. The law provides family members in this situation with the right to seek compensation for their losses in certain circumstances.

If you can prove that your loved one’s death happened due to the neglect or wrongful act of another party, you can file a wrongful death claim. This claim allows you to seek financial recovery for both your financial and non-financial losses. Though such compensation can never bring your loved one back and ease your grief, it can help your family move forward with additional support and a sense of justice for your lost loved one.

Our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers have helped families of victims in the following types of fatality cases:

Our compassionate Hamilton injury lawyers handle wrongful death claims for families in many situations. For example, we recovered $400,000 for a family whose daughter died due to a drunk driver who was also speeding at the time of the crash. This is only one example of a wrongful death case, and each family will have different losses that we can value. If your loved one died and someone else was to blame, contact  Matt Lalande, a Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyer, for the help and support you need.



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When you suffer injuries in an accident, the process of recovering your full damages can be difficult for many reasons. Many injury victims have many questions, as they naturally want to make sure they recover the maximum compensation that is within their rights.

Below, we briefly answer some common questions we hear from injury victims. These are general answers, and they might not apply to your specific circumstances. This is why it is always best to consult directly with a Hamilton legal professional from Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers as soon as possible regarding your questions, concerns, and legal rights.

Knowing whether someone – a person or a company – caused a personal injury depends on the facts and circumstances of the situation and how the law applies to them. In general, for a party to be liable for a personal injury, they must violate some duty to the party who suffered injuries. This duty may simply be the duty of reasonable care, which involves a duty to act in a reasonably safe manner given the circumstances to avoid harm to others.

Alternatively, individuals also must follow safety laws, such as laws against drunk driving or assault and battery. When a party violates the law, they are generally liable for any injuries and losses that result from their violation. Not only can a party in this situation face criminal liability, but also civil liability to any injury victims.

If you suffered injuries in an accident, your personal injury lawyer can determine if another party is liable. This begins with considering if there were other parties involved in the accident that led to your injury.

For example:

  • If you were in a car accident, did someone else hit your car? Were they speeding, or did they run a red light? Someone crashing into your vehicle is a common sign that they might be liable, though further legal analysis is necessary.
  • If you slipped and fell at home because you lost your balance, there likely isn’t a liable party. However, if you slipped and fell at a store because of something on the floor, the store will likely be liable.

A lawyer can identify when a company or individual was negligent or violated the law to cause your accident.

There are also other sources of liability in personal injury cases, including:

  • Strict liability – In some cases, liability does not require a showing of negligence, as the law sets out the “strict liability” of parties for certain accidents and injuries. For instance, in Ontario, dog owners are strictly liable for dog bite injuries. Some manufacturers are strictly liable for selling defective products that cause injuries. In these cases, you do not need to demonstrate the usual duty and breach elements of negligence.
  • Vicarious liability – Some people cause injuries to others while they are on the job. When this happens, the employer can be vicariously liable for the actions of the employee. When the employee is acting as an agent of the company, the company should have to cover the losses the agent causes.
  • Intentional conduct –Sometimes, personal injuries are not “accidents.” Sometimes, they happen because someone else intentionally causes harm to another person. You can bring injury cases based on intentional conduct, and there are different elements you must prove than in a negligence claim. Often, these intentional harm cases accompany a criminal case, as well.

As you can see, determining liability requires not only an analysis of facts of the injury but also legal analysis to identify how you must prove liability. You want a Hamilton personal injury lawyer handling this process for you as soon as possible after your injury.

It is important to take a look at car accidents specifically, as they are a leading cause of personal injury claims in the Hamilton area. Determining the cause of your crash is the first step your lawyer will take to advise whether you have a valid claim. Two of the most common causes of collisions in Ontario are distracted driving and driving while under the influence.

Distracted driving is driving while engaging in any activity that results in the driver’s attention not being on the road. Common sources of distracted driving include passengers in the vehicle, the use of smartphones or cellphones while driving, or the use of the in-dash entertainment panel of the vehicle while driving.

Laws changed in recent years to specifically make it illegal to drive while texting or using a handheld device. However, many people continue to engage in this dangerous – and unlawful—practice of distracted driving.

Another common cause of car accidents in Ontario is driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is illegal to get behind the wheel while under the influence of any substance, as intoxication slows an individual’s reaction times and makes them less capable of responding to changes in road conditions or reacting quickly enough to prevent accidents. Drunk driving crashes are 100 percent preventable, and those drivers should be fully accountable for any harm they cause.

Some additional causes of car crashes in Ontario that might lead to personal injury liability include:

  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving
  • Driving while drowsy
  • Failing to obey traffic signals
  • Improper turning or passing

Drivers make mistakes, but when those mistakes or poor decisions cause injuries to others, a personal injury claim should follow.

Some personal injury claims involve conditions that heal with some time and treatment. On the other hand, some claims involve significantly more severe and life-altering conditions commonly called catastrophic injuries.

A catastrophic injury prevents you from returning to your normal life as it was before the accident. While this might vary in terms of definition from person to person, when it comes to personal injury law, it generally means that the injury results in the loss of function of one or more body parts. The following are some examples of catastrophic injuries that can lead to complicated – though highly necessary – personal injury cases.

#1. TBIs

TBI refers to traumatic brain injury, and this injury happens due to a traumatic blow to the head, a penetrating wound to the head, or a violent jolt of the head. These incidents can cause damage to the brain tissue, resulting in TBI.

Diagnoses often refer to a TBI as mild, moderate, or severe. Severe TBIs almost always fall into the catastrophic injury category, as they can cause the permanent impairment of a victim’s brain functioning.

Such impairments can include:

  • Cognitive impairments, including difficulty with memory or processing information
  • Physical impairments, such as loss of balance, lack of coordination, or slurred speech
  • Behavioral impairments, including a lack of anger control, depression, or anxiety

Victims can experience the debilitating effects of a TBI for the rest of their lives. Even a “mild” TBI – commonly known as a concussion – is far from mild and can have catastrophic effects. This type of brain injury can lead to complications and various effects that persist for years.

Any personal injury claim involving a TBI is a complicated one, as the effects can vary so much from victim to victim. Our personal injury lawyers understand the complex nature of this injury and how it can affect your life.

#2. Spinal Injury

Spinal injuries often happen in falls and motor vehicle accidents, and they result from an impact to the neck or back that causes damage to your delicate spinal tissue. Spinal injuries can lead to nervous system impairments, paralysis, which is the complete loss of mobility and sensation in large areas of the body.

Paralyzing spinal injuries will completely change every aspect of a victim’s future. These injuries can keep someone from ever working again, and they will likely need a wheelchair and assistance with everyday tasks. The impact of a catastrophic spinal injury is impossible to quantify, but our lawyers know how to determine the amount of compensation you deserve if you are a victim.

#3. Amputations

An amputation is the traumatic surgical removal of an extremity, and it will forever change the life of the injured person. The loss of a limb is a catastrophic injury that can prevent you from living the same life you did before the injury, both in terms of recreation and work, and you may be entitled to significant damages. The costs of prosthetic rehabilitation are overwhelming, and many people never have the same quality of life again following an accidental amputation. Our legal team works with individuals who have such life-changing injuries regularly.

Slip and fall accidents can cause surprisingly serious injuries, and they often happen in retail or commercial locations. When you are a customer of a business, the business must ensure that the grounds of the business are safe for the customers they invited in to shop or dine.

Whether you are at the mall or in a restaurant, the commercial location must keep the walkways free of hazards and effectively warn of any hazards while offering alternative routes in the event there are dangers. When you slip and fall because a hazard exists in a business or on someone else’s property, the company or property owner should be liable for your lost income and other losses.

Insurance companies and the lawyers of the liable party do not work for you and do not have your best interests in mind. You might think that if you have a valid claim, the insurance process should be fairly straightforward, though this is rarely the case. Insurance companies benefit by paying you as little as possible, as quickly as possible, to minimize the amount paid out and maximize profits.

Insurance companies have experienced and trained adjusters and investigators on their side, and if you are attempting to collect your damages on your own, you are naturally at a distinct disadvantage. A personal injury lawyer is an advocate for your best interests who knows how the insurance companies handle injury claims, so having the right representation gives you leverage against the insurer.

Some ways our lawyers help during the claim process include:

  • Determining all liable parties and filing all of the necessary insurance claims
  • Gathering and presenting the evidence needed to support your claim
  • Reviewing settlement offers and negotiating for a higher settlement, which is usually necessary
  • Taking your case to court if the insurance company does not make a fair offer

Beyond helping you to make the most of your compensation, a personal injury lawyer also eases your stress during this process. We focus on negotiating your settlement and handling every aspect of the claim, which allows you to focus on your recovery and getting on with your life.

Your personal injury lawyer steps into your shoes in terms of all negotiations, phone calls, emails, other communications, and evidence collection. The filing of your claim can require extensive paperwork and investigation, and a personal injury lawyer knows how to handle this process to best support your case and how to process your claim as efficiently and effectively as possible.

With our Hamilton personal injury lawyers on your side, you rest assured that we are working for you while you attend all of your treatment appointments, take the recovery time you need, and attend to your mental recovery.

If you suffered injuries in any type of accident, whether you have a sprained wrist or a catastrophic brain injury, you deserve full compensation from any party responsible for your accident. Moreover, you deserve to have legal representation by a team that always has your back, and you can trust we are always working for the best possible outcome in your case.

Following an accident and injuries, contact Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers for a no-cost consultation as soon as possible. Our Hamilton personal injury lawyers are standing by.

Talking to our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers is 100% free and without obligation. Our knowledgeable personal injury lawyers have years of experience and are available 24/7. We offer free consultations by phone, by zoom, or in person.

It’s important that you hire a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Early on, your attorney can make sure that all your costs and needs are paid for upon your return home – such as modifying your home, equipment, caregiving, transportation, attendant care, help managing your medications, physical therapy, speech therapy, skin bladder and bowel care or other required therapies that you may need.

The usual fees vary between 30% and 33.3% of your settlement – BUT – it’s important to understand that if successful in a settlement or Court verdict, the insurance company will contribute to a good portion of your legal fees.

If you suffered serious injuries, you will require compensation to help place you in the position you were in before the accident.  You will require compensation to assist with your pain and suffering, your lost wage losses, your ongoing rehabilitative care, help around your home and compensation for your family members.  You need to hire a personal injury lawyer that has experience dealing with insurance companies to make sure that you and your family are taken care of financially.  Remember, insurance companies make a profit by minimizing the amounts they payout on personal injury claims. They are NOT your friend.

Since 2003, we’ve helped hundreds of families secure millions of dollars in compensation for people that need it most – ensuring justice is served.  Every case is unique. Our experience negotiating with insurance companies and government agencies guides every decision we make in handling your case.

Many injured people do not contact a lawyer because they think they cant afford one. Our firm works on a no-win-no fee firm. This means that we accept personal injury and disability cases in Ontario on contingency and are only paid once we win your case.  Your fees with our firm will be a percentage of your settlement or Court award. This give you access to justice, regardless of financial resources.

When hiring a personal injury lawyer, it’s not easy making the right choice – but choosing the wrong lawyer can be devastating, since you only have once shot at advancing your case. Consider asking the following:

  1. How many trials have you done?
  2. What is your record of success?
  3. What is your fee agreement?
  4. Do I need to go to Court?
  5. How long does a typical case take?
  6. Will you be personally handling my case?
  7. Will this case cost me anything?
  8. How many cases like mine have you handled?

Unless your have suffered devastating injuries, such as paraplegia or quaderiplegia, odds are that it is too soon to tell. If any personal injury lawyer provides you a promise to recover a certain amount of money, we would recommend getting a second opinion. We need to know the absolute extent of your maximum medical recovery since the extent of injuries tend to change over time.

It is not possible to determine early on whether or not you will need to go to Court. While most serious personal injury cases do settle so that everyone can avoid the shockingly high costs of trials, trial do happen if there are issues that need to be determined. We will keep you updated as we progress, but it is simply not possible for a lawyer to rightly know so early on in the case.

Most if not all personal injury lawyers charge a fee of 30% to 33.3%  of you settlement. The insurance company of the defendant will normally help pay a portion of this if you are successful.

There is a cap in Canada – which currently for 2021 is $393,732.00.

It’s not easy – we recommend sitting and speaking with a few lawyers before you decide. When you choose your lawyer, consider that:

  • a good personal connection between you and that lawyer is critical;
  • you feel like you will not be just another case;
  • the lawyer should be local or close by;
  • the attorney should have trial experience;
  • the lawyer is specialized in personal injury law;
  • the lawyer has a good reputatation and
  • make sure they will be personally working on your case.

Every personal injury case is different so the amount of time it takes to get to the end of a case can vary. Some personal injury cases can go to trial while some are settled out of court. We always tell our clients that the reason personal injury cases take so long is because we are combining busy systems together – i.e. legal, judicial, medical and insurance.

Of course, we have clients all over southern Ontario, and as far North as Sudbury. If you have suffered a life changing injury, a loved one has lost their life unecessarily or you have been denied disability benefits, we will always be gald to help.

Think of in terms of different categories – which we call heads of damages. If you have suffered a serious injury, you can normally claim compensation for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of amenities, loss of past wages, loss of future wages, loss of housekeeping capacity, claims for future health care expenses outside of what OHIP covers, as well as claims for rehabilitation expenses such as for rehab expenses, care workers, assistive and hygienic devices, home and vehicle modifications ect.

A good personal injury settlement depends on many factors, including the range of damages negotiated for your pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of amenities, past and future wage losses, the amount of future care you require, the amount housekeeping assistance you require and the losses suffered by your family members.

Absolutely . It is very important that you hire a local personal injury lawyer. It’s important that you can visit your lawyer’s office, sit and talk with your lawyer without having to drive long distances and more importantly, you personally know the lawyer working on your case.


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