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One of Hamilton’s Best Personal Injury & Disability Lawyers

Since 2003, we have recovered over $50M in compensation for Injured Victims, Hurt Kids, Disabled Claimants, Families in Wrongful Death Cases and Fired Employees.

Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers is a boutique firm located locally in Hamilton, Ontario. Matt Lalande, the law firm’s founder, comes from a family of trial lawyers and Judges who have been practicing law as far back as 1973.  Matt has been practicing law and serving the Hamilton community since 2003 and has developed into a trial lawyer who focuses on helping both hurt and disabled people who need an advocate.

Matt and his team specialize a wide variety of cases including traumatic brain injury, paralysis, spinal cord injury, car accidents, bicycle accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, claimants denied long-term disability, critical illness benefits and life insurance payments, families of those who’s loved ones were killed due to negligence, as well those fired or terminated from their employment law.

Through his commitment to providing exceptional client service, Matt has been named by his peers as one of the best personal injury lawyers in Canada in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 and voted by the Hamilton community as one of the best personal injury lawyers in Hamilton.  There is nothing brings Matt and his firm greater satisfaction than providing practical solutions and actionable advice to families who’s lives have been devastated and derailed by life changing injuries or families who have lost loved ones.

Professional Affiliations

Matt is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association. He is also a former director with the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, a member of the American Association for Justice Trial Lawyers, an avid speaker, a writer for legal and media outlets, a former member of the Oakville Trafalgar Hospital Ethics Committee, a former writer and co-chair of the litigator magazine, and a current writer for the Lawyer’s Daily and the First Reference Employment Law, and a contributor to the Globe and Mail’s Leadership Lab new column.

Among Hamilton’s Best Personal Injury Lawyers

Matt’s skills as a victim advocate has been recognized by his peers and the legal community alike. In 2018 and 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 Matt was recognized as one of Canada’s Best Personal Injury Lawyers.

Matt’s Speaking and Writing Engagements

As well as being one of Hamilton’s top personal injury lawyers, Matt Lalande has also volunteered his time and has written and spoken on various personal injury law and employment issues close to 75 times. Some (but not all) of Matt’s articles and speaking engagements are as follows:

matt lalande speaking at conference
  • Author – Legal Textbook – “Disability Insurance Law in Canada, Third Edition” Disability Insurance Law in Canada (Third Edition) is a comprehensive and practical guide to the law of disability insurance in all of the common law provinces in Canada.
  • 18th Annual Employment Law Seminar – HLA, November 2021 (scheduled speaker)
  • Litigating in a Post Covid World – Will Davidson Educational Seminar – September 2021
  • I can get cross-examined on what? – Orthopedic Surgeon Round Table
  • Disability Law for Firefighters  -Toronto Fire Watch Magazine, August 2020
  • In a Merger, there’s no Guarantee of Permanent Employment – Globe and Mail, May 2019
  • Can an employee be terminated while on Disability? – Globe and Mail, December 2018
  • Law and Technology – What Clients want to see in a Website – American Bar Association, Law Technology Today, February 2019
  • Speaker – Putting Science into Friction – Hamilton Annual Advocacy Conference – December 6th 2018
  • Writer, Can your employer terminate you while you are collecting long-term disability benefits? – Globe and Mail Leadership Lab – December 2018
  • Writer, How and When to Apply for Long Term Disability benefits – Globe and Mail Leadership Lab – September 6th 2018
  • Writer, Can you Audio Record your Doctor at an IME? – Lawyer’s Daily, April 2018
  • Writer, Undue Hardship vs Frustration of Contracts – A review of the Court of Appeal Decision Nason v. Thunder Bay Orthopedic Inc. 2017 ONCA 641
  • Writer, “5 Things that Injury Lawyers Should Know About Employment Law” – Lawyer’s Daily, August 2017
  • Writer, “Slip and Fall Technology – Putting More Science into Friction” – The Lawyer’s Daily, July 15th 2007
  • Writer, “Personal Injury and Engineering Standards – ANSI, NFSI, ASTM, COF, SBR…what does this all mean and why should you be aware of American Standards when Litigating in Canada?” – Lawyer’s Daily, July 2017
  • Presenter, “Cross-Examination: The Best Techniques” – Hamilton Law Association Annual 16th Annual Advocacy Conference, December 2016
  • Presenter – “When Your Patient Leaves Your Care” – Orthopedic Surgeon Educational Rounds Dinner, July 2016
  • Co-Chair, “The Modern Law Clerk” – Canadian Defence Lawyers, March 2016
  • Presenter, “The Modern Law Clerk” – Canadian Defence Lawyers, March 2016
  • Co-Chair, “Product Liability in Practice” – Ontario Trial Lawyer’s Association, April 1st 2016
  • Writer, “Personal Injury and Engineering Standards – ANSI, NFSI, ASTM, COF, SBR…what does this all mean and why should you be aware of American Standards when Litigating in Canada?” –  Lawyer’s Daily,  July 2017
  • Presenter, “What we do: a personal injury lawsuit from A to Z” – Hamilton and Halton Rehabilitation Community, October 2014
  • Presenter, “Now this is a great medical report, let me tell you why” – 37th Annual Ontario Orthopedics Association General Meeting, November 2015
  • Panelist – “Ticklers and Limitation Periods” – OTLA Spring Conference, May 2014
  • Presenter, “Prepare to be Cross-Examined” – Oakville Medical Legal Orthopedics Educational Rounds, March 5th 2014
  • Writer, “Depuy Hip Implant Class Litigation Certification Approved”, The Lawyers Weekly, December 2014
  • Writer, “An Update on Metal on Metal Implants” – Lawyers Weekly, October 2013
  • Writer, “Increased Cost again awarded by the Court of Appeal against Defendants that refuse to participate in mediation” –  The Lawyers Weekly, June 2013
  • •Speaker, “Putting your best foot forward: Settling with Adjusters” Ontario Trial Lawyers Spring Conference, May 2013
  • Writer, “Optional Accident Benefits: A Primer” – The Lawyers Weekly, February 2012
  • Writer, “The Law of Nervous Shock” – Litigator Magazine, Co-Author, Winter 2013 Edition
  • Writer, “Personal Injury Primer: The Duty of Care of Landlords” – The Lawyers Weekly, February 2013
  • Writer, “The Defence of Self-Defence – from a Civil Perspective” – The Lawyers Weekly, October 2012
  • Writer, “The Bill 198 Threshold – Business Acumen Still Required” – The Lawyers Weekly, Lawyer’s Weekly, September 7th 2012
  • Writer, “A Review of The Barton V. Rona And the Law of Just Cause” – First Reference, August 23rd 2012
  • Writer, “Not an Employee? Not an Independent Contractor? How the Courts Define the Hybrid” – First Reference, July 11 2012
  • Writer, “The Enforceability of Termination Provisions within Contracts of Employment” – First Reference, May 13, 2012
  • Writer, “Variables Affecting Length of Notice: Age, First Reference” – April 9th 2012
  • Writer, “An Overview of Damages Within the Context of Employment Law”, First Reference, March 12, 2012
  • Writer, “Court Again Confirms No Upper Limit with Damages for Non-Management and Low-Level Workers” – First Reference, February 2012
  • Writer, “Employees that wish to withdraw resignations: what to do?” – First Reference, January 2012
  •  Writer, “Is suffering before death compensable at law?” – The Lawyers Weekly, February 2012
  •  Writer, “The Sale of a Business and Some Implications for Employers and Employees” – First Reference, December 2011
  •  Writer, “Wrongful Death Awards Kept in Check” – First Reference, November 2011
  •  Speaker, “How to properly hire and fire employees to avoid a wrongful dismissal claim” – Burlington Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn, Burlington, January 2009
  •  Writer, “Shifting Strategy: When a Client Dies Mid-Litigation” – The Litigator Magazine, Fall 2009
  •  Writer, “Plaintiffs Entitled to Costs Even Though Threshold Not Met” – The Lawyers Weekly, September 2008.
  •  Writer, “CPP: Terms You Must Know” – The Litigator Magazine, Winter 2007
  •  Speaker, “Policy Considerations: Directly or indirect use of an Automobile, Ontario Trial Lawyers Conference” – Ontario Trial Lawyer Spring Conference, May 2006
  •  Writer, “Home Insurance Policies…Exclusions…Exclusions…Exclusions” – The Litigator Magazine, Summer 2007 Edition
  •  Speaker, “Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Co. v. Herbison – Shooting for Coverage…Literally” – Ontario Trial Lawyers Spring Conference, May 2006
  •  Writer, “Beware of The Phantom Client” – The Litigator Magazine, 2007 Fall Edition
  •  Writer, “Entering the workforce: what you need to know about employment contracts” – Jobpostings.ca, November 2010
  •  Writer, “Social Networking During Work Hours. Does Micromanagement Kill Morale?” – Jobpostings.ca, January 2010

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