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Our No-Win, No-Fee Promise

You Never Pay Upfront Legal Fees, under any Circumstance.

Worried About Legal Fees? Don't be. You Don't Pay Unless we Win.

Hamilton Contingency Fee Lawyers

Our Hamilton Lawyers do no believe in the traditional “pay by the hour” model when hiring a lawyer. This does not work for the majority of the population.

When you hire our reputable and experienced personal injury lawyer to help protect your future and recover your losses suffered in a car accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident or pedestrian accident, these lawyers are performing highly specialized work. Typically, experienced personal injury lawyers will have years or decades of extensive legal training, trial experience and a very specialized knowledge of the law and legal system. Good personal injury lawyers are often in high demand – and the continued payment of hourly fees, over the course of several months or years – is simply unaffordable for the majority of people who are going through the worst times of their lives.

Our firm works on a no-win, no-fee basis – meaning that we only get paid if we recovery compensation for you. If we don’t, we do not charge you anything. This is otherwise known as a contingency fee.

Benefits of a No-Win, No-Fee Contingency Agreement

Contingency fee arrangements significantly lower the barrier to legal access for individuals who might otherwise be unable to afford the costs of litigation. Clients only pay attorney fees if they win their case or secure a settlement, shifting the financial risk to the attorney and aligning both parties’ interests towards a successful outcome.

This model enables people to pursue claims against entities with greater financial resources, ensuring everyone has the chance to seek justice for wrongs suffered without the fear of incurring upfront legal fees. Additionally, since attorneys are compensated based on the case’s success, they are motivated to accept cases with strong merit and work diligently, promoting efficiency and discouraging frivolous lawsuits. This ensures that legal representation is both accessible and focused on achieving the best possible outcome for the client.

Contingency Fee Rates: A breakdown

We believe in being open and transparent with our clients – and potential new clients – from day one. The following applies to our four (5) areas of law that we specialize in:

  • Legal Fees for Personal Injury Cases – For any Personal Injury Case, our contingency fees are set between 25% and 30%. We guarantee that the fee will NEVER exceed 30% of the total settlement for you or your loved one. Plus, in the event of a successful outcome, the defendant will contribute towards your legal fees. This effectively means you will end up paying significantly less than the initial 25% to 30% rate.
  • Legal Fees in Long-Term Disability Cases – our contingency fees are set between 25% and 30%. Rest assured, we will NEVER exceed a 30% charge on the total settlement amount for you or your loved one, under any circumstances. Plus, should you win, the defendant will cover a portion of your legal fees. This effectively reduces the amount you’re responsible for, making your actual payment significantly less than the stated 25% to 30%.
  • Legal Fees in Wrongful Death Cases – Our contingency fees in Long-Term Disability Cases range from 25% to 30%. We will NEVER charge you or your loved one over 30% of the total settlement, no matter what the circumstance. And remember, if you are successful, the defendant will partially contribute to your legal fees, which means that technically, you are not paying the full 25% to 30%, but significantly less.
  • Legal Fees for Wrongful Death Cases – Our contingency fees for Wrongful Death Cases are set between 25% and 30%. We firmly commit to never charging you or your loved one more than 30% of the total settlement, regardless of the circumstances. Moreover, should your case be successful, the defendant will cover a portion of your legal fees. Consequently, the actual amount you pay will be significantly lower than the initial 25% to 30% rate.
  • Employment Law Cases – Our contingency fees range from 20% to 25%. As of 2022, the most that we would ever charge in a employment law wrongful dismissal case case is a 25% contingency fee.

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Contingency Fee FAQ

  1. What is a contingency fee agreement?

    A contingency fee agreement is an agreement in which a client only pays legal fees if there is a recovery – i.e. the fees payable are contingent on recovery.

  2. Are legal consultations free?

    Yes, consultation fees with our Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyer are 100% Free with no obligation to retain our firm. We are happy to talk to you about your rights so you can make the best informed decision possible.

  3. Are long-term disability legal consultations free?

    Talking to a disability lawyer is 100% free. There are no fees for initial consultations in denied disability cases – all disability consultations are without cost to you and without any obligation to retain the firm.

  4. What percentage will you charge me if I receive money at the end of my case?

    Our contingency fees in personal injury cases are 30%, our contingency fees on disability cases are 30% and our contingency fees for employment and wrongful dismissal litigation range from 20% to 25%.

  5. Who will be paying disbursements?

    We pay all of your disbursements upfront. If your case is not successful you will NOT have to repay us.

  6. Do I pay HST on legal fees?

    Unfortunately, you do. Legal fees are a service in which we must charge HST.

  7. What is a typical contingency fee?

    A typical contingency fees range anywhere from 30% to 33.3% of the client's settlement. The contingency fees are calculated differently if a case goes to trial.

  8. What is the advantage of contingency fees?

    The advantage of contingency fees is access to justice. You get to hire reputable and experiences trials lawyers without having to pay an hourly fee or a legal bill every month.

  9. Are contingency fees negotiable?

    It depends but most of the time, they are negotiable. Running a personal injury lawsuit is VERY expensive. Experienced lawyers not only work for free for many years, but they spend their own money to fund your case while paying staff and overhead. It depends on the circumstances of each case.

  10. Are legal consultations for a wrongful death case free?

    Yes – talking to a wrongful death lawyer is also free. We understand that the sudden, inexplicable death of a  loved one can tear a family apart emotionally – and the last thing you need at the moment is paying for legal advice.

  11. Will you beat another contingency fee rate?

    The answer is that it depends. We will certainly always disucss your current contingency fee quote or arrangement and if we believe that we can provide you a better rate, we will surely let you know.

  12. How are contingency fees calculated?

    Contingency fees are calculated on the total settlement, net of disbursements. This means that the law firm has s first lien on disbursements since they were paid by the law firm. Then, the contingency fee is calculated on the net remainder.

  13. Does your firm use a specific contingency fee agreement?

    Yes pursuant to specific law society reforms and amendments to the solicitors act, we use standard contingency agreements where a contingency fee is used in respect to legal services provided wholly or partly in exchange for a percentage or proportion of the amount or value of the property recovered under an award or settlement.

  14. What is the alternative to a contingency fee arrangement?

    The alternative is an hourly rate. You have the option of paying our car accident lawyers an hourly rate for the work they do on your case. You would be provided with a legal account every 30 days that you would need to satisfy in full before any further legal work was continued on your case.



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