My long-term disability benefits been denied, what do I do?

By Matt Lalande in Spinal Cord Injuries on October 01, 2018

My long-term disability benefits been denied, what do I do?

What should you know if you disability benefits have been cut off?

1. Having your long-term disability benefits cut-off or denied can be financially disastrous.

Being denied disability in Ontario can be financially disastrous for families that reply on long term disability income to pay the bills. What happens when you are suddenly cut-off monthly income that you have budgeted to help raise your family? To pay bills? To pay your mortgage? To feed your children? What happens when you are sick or hurt and you can’t muster up the energy or courage to stand-up to your disability company, who certainly don’t accept disability claims in Ontario with open arms?

2. You paid for a long-term disability policy as a “piece of mind”, but you feel your adjuster is working against you.

Many claimants that we see tell us the same thing – That policy I bought, and paid for privately, or that I that got through my group benefits – the policy should be protecting me… why isn’t it? Why do I feel that my disability claims adjuster is my enemy? We get it.  Sometimes insurance companies employ disability claims adjusters who are highly experience and fairly assess claims. Sometime, however, they don’t. Disability claims adjusters make it difficult, are discourteous, overworked, rude and simply don’t care what you have to say. Their focus is getting you back to work, even if your doctor ordered otherwise. They make it difficult to collect your monthly income by denying or delaying payment of your claim because they are so focused on your return to work.

3. We are disability experts that can help get your monthly payments back on track.

As Ontario disability claim lawyers, we are litigation specialists that only represent claimants who’s benefits have been cut off or denied. Our practice is specialized, and we do it on a Provincial level. We help claimants that have been denied or cut-off benefits at all levels – from the initial denial state to representing claimants at trial – or even co-counseling with other lawyers that need some help because they do not have the expertise or resources to bring a case to trial.

We have represented hundreds of disability claimants and has handled a wide range of disability related  matters. We can assist you if you have been denied or cut-off your benefits or with lump sum policy buyouts. We can also guide you through the particulars of your policy, what you may be entitled to, your policy definition of total disability (the inability to perform duties of one’s occupation vs. any occupation) and more importantly – we will clearly provide with your legal options based on your particular situation – at no cost to you.

4. Our Consultations are 100% free, we never ask for money upfront – and – we are easy to talk to.

We get that the last thing you need after being cut off your long term disability benefits is another bill. We are always happy to discuss your case with you at no charge. Our Hamilton lawyers have argued disability insurance claims against every major disability insurance company and we are familiar with  claims handling tactics. And if you don’t chose to go ahead with your claim? No problem, we are happy to provide advise to claimants who have been unfairly denied benefits one person at a time.

5. No matter where you are in Ontario, we will help you get your disability income issue resolved, without further delay – today.

Our Disability Lawyers in Hamilton can assist long-term disability claimants throughout any stage of a claim for monthly disability benefits – either before or after the change of definition.  Matt Lalande has been practicing long-term disability law firm and has represented disability claimants against every major Canadian disability insurance company since 2003. If you would like to arrange a consultation, please fill out a contact form or call us 24/7 at 905-333-8888 – or alternatively, chat with our live website agent, 24/7 to help set up and appointment today.




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