Thank You for your Inquiry

Thank you for contacting Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers. If we believe we can help, a member of our team will review your inquiry and contact you shortly regarding your case. Have a read below about what happens next.

Here is what to expect now:

  • Initial Contact

    Expect a Call or Email

    If we believe we can help – you will receive a confirmation email or a phone call from our office to set up a telephone call or zoom meeting.


    Getting Ready

    We please would ask you to have all questions & concerns ready in advance of your call.  We will also ask that you to forward a copy of your ID and relevant documents to us in advance of your initial meeting.

  • During your call

    Initial Phone or Zoom Call

    Please be prepared to ask us any questions you may have and also to answer general questions about your case.


    Case Qualification

    If after speaking with you we determine that we are able to help you with your case, we will discuss our engagement and other documents that we will require signed. We can proceed digitally, or meet in person at our office or your location.

  • Starting your Case

    Getting your Case Started

    Once the relevant documents are signed, we will move to put all the appropriate people on notice of your claim, including any drivers, tavers, disability carriers or at-fault drivers immediately – and start the process of obtaining the compensaiton you deserve.


    Collecting Info

    We will will we request additional information related to the case like your medical records, insurance information, disability file, imaging records, prescription printouts, rehabilitation records ect. This process takes several months to get started.  Once we start this process, we will be in touch regularly and be with you through the entire process.