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T-Bone Collisions

T-Bone Collision Accident Lawyers In Hamilton, Ontario

T-bone collisions can be incredibly devastating and are among the deadliest types of car accidents aside from head-on collisions. Approximately 25% of car accidents in Ontario are classified as t-bone collisions, accounting for one-fourth of all vehicular injuries within the province.

Have you or a loved one suffered life-changing injuries in a T-Bone collision? Get the compensation you deserve.

T-bone accidents happen when an  at-fault driver drives squarely into the side of your vehicle, or conversely, you drive squarely into the side of the at-fault driver’s vehicle that cut you off.  These types of accident can happen anywhere where cars and trucks are turning in and out of intersections, streets, highways, entryways and exits—for example, moving in and out of alleyways, parking lots or driveways.  A t-bone collision is particularly deadly compared to other types of car accidents because there is little to no protection for the driver or passenger on the side of a vehicle, as this is a narrow section without significant steel barriers. T-Bone accidents can have tragic consequences for everyone involved.

The Main Causes of T-Bone Collisions

Those who drive cars are at greater risk for a serious or fatal injury from a t-bone collision with a larger vehicle, such as an SUV, van, or truck. Most of the time, t-bone collisions are caused when the driver of the impacting vehicle is not paying attention or is driving carelessly with no regard for other vehicles on the road.

Here are some of the more specific common causes that we have seen for dangerous t-bone collisions:

In our own experience, we have noted that t-bone collision injuries generally occur when the driver of the vehicle that hits is being neglectful or not paying attention. For this reason, in most cases the driver can be held liable for the victim’s injuries and the person who is hurt may seek compensation for their pain and suffering.

Who’s at fault?

T-bone accidents can be a liability nightmare in some cases, while in other cases – fault if clear cut.  It depends on who is turning left – you or the at-fault driver.

Normally T-Bone accidents happen when the victim is making a right turn, the at-fault driver more likely than not disobeyed a traffic signal, such as a red light or stop sign.  It’s when the victim is making a left hand turn that things can become more of a problem. Under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, a driver turning left is to yield to oncoming traffic. There may be exceptions in your case, however, if the driver proceeding through the intersection is driving speeding, if it was a truck that had defective breaks, defective air-brakes, the driver was impaired or distracted etc..

Cases in civil court are decided on a balance of probabilities based presented evidence – so it is very important that your Hamilton car accident lawyer present the best evidence possible through witnesses and police. Otherwise, the fault determination rules in Ontario could take effect at the victim making a left hand turn could be found partially liable.

From a Provincial Offences perspective, the victim, if found partially liable for making an improper left turn, could face a fine of 110.00 and the loss of two demerit points.

The reverse would happen if the at-fault driver is turning left and the victim is driving straight.

Common Types of T-Bone Collision Injuries

There are many factors that may influence the injuries one receives when they are in a t-bone car accident, such as speed, use of seat belts, deployment of airbags, and more. This will often determine the severity of the impact as well as the specific type of injury that they may suffer. However, the most common injuries that we have seen from t-bone collisions include:

Injuries from a t-bone collision may also differ depending on the proximity from where the injured is sitting to where the other vehicle hits. Generally, the most devastating and potentially life-threatening injuries occur to the individual sitting on the side of the vehicle that the collision occurs. Those who are sitting closer to the area of impact may also have a higher risk of obtaining serious injuries to the upper body, while those sitting on the far side may experience lower extremity injuries. Additionally, many of the injuries caused by a t-bone collision may lead to long-term impairment and thus require ongoing care and treatment.

What type of compensation am I entitled to if I have been in a T-Bone car accident?

If you have been injured in a t-bone collision, or if you have lost a loved one in a t-bone collision, you could be entitled to seek compensation for your loss or injuries. You are likely already suffering financial loss due to the cost of maintaining treatment for your injuries as well as the time you have taken off work to care for your condition. Additionally, you may likely be prevented from returning to work in the near future due to ongoing pain, treatment, or any psychological stress from the process.

You may be able to seek compensation for your pain and suffering, lost income due to missed work, the cost of any medical treatments not covered by your insurance, any costs occurring through lack of housekeeping or caregiving capacities, among other entitlements. For those who have experienced the wrongful death of a loved one from a t-bone collision, this compensation may also include funeral costs.

We understand the absolute importace of comprehensively demonstrating a client’s degree of disability and economic losses in order to justify the damages sought.  We work with the best life-care planners in order to ensure that a proper future care plan is put in place which delineates all future medical and rehabilitation needs as a basis for
the computation of economic damages from which settlement funds are derived.

Our Hamilton car accident lawyers will always endeavor to hire the best experts in the field to prove your case. We believe in a multidisciplinary and often include professionals from seemingly disparate fields such as economics, education, allied-health, medical technologies, supported and assisted living, nursing, engineering, biomechanics, psychology, dietary and nutrition, pharmacology, orthopedics, physiatry, neurology,  and others to offer opinion and advice  for our clients coping with a life altering illness or injury cause by a T-bone collision.

We are here to provide the guidance and the support that you need as you seek the appropriate compensation for your t-bone collision injuries. Our team understands the challenges that you are facing, and we are able to eliminate the burden of stress from your shoulders as you focus on your recovery.

Helping T-Bone collision victims with life-changing injuries get the compensation they deserve.

Matt Lalande has been representing car accident victims who have suffered life changing injuries in the Hamilton area and throughout Ontario since 2003. He has represented clients through settlements and trials. We are experienced Hamilton car accident lawyers who have a proven track record in helping clients obtain the compensation they deserve, and have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and judgments

If you have been hurt in a t-bone collision, we are here to help. We offer free, no-obligation consultations and if you retain our firm, we will never ask you for up-front fees. Contact our Hamilton car accident lawyers at 905-333-8888 or fill out an online contact form and we will respond to your inquiry without delay.

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